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Dry, very dry!

I was on the river last night after that massive temperature inversion. Misty? Yes. Fish? No.

I blame you! Well I have to blame somebody!

Who the hell are you anyway?
I may go out tonight and possibly tomorrow but it has rained very heavily and so we may need to keep an eye on the level. Give me a call tomorrow.
Alright mate! thought i would send you a quick message. Do you fancy a few hrs on the conwy 2morrow nite? sunday.
Will ring u 2morrow.
Hiya Paul
the new site looks really good. well done mate
lets hope Buzzerman stays away or falls in the manchester ship canal hehe
Hope you got the tal y Llyn letter ok... can you use it on the Non Mig trout pages
Looks like the lake sare warming up well.. so get your buzzer gear sorted for the lake at Llanbrynmair in a week or so
your an idiot to put things like that on here k Williams only myself and hoppy knows what went on .that's so unfair

I know that you and I have had exchanges in the past on the old website, and I accept that any ill-feeling may have been caused by my inexperience, and poor wording, in communication via an Internet website.

But why do want to tell me to 'Fuck Off' ??

Please explain yourself ?

I am a genuine contributor, albeit a relatively inexperienced one, to this forum, and I don't see why I should receive your 'Good wishes' as such.

i cant make it tonight mate, sorry the wifes going out and ive got my son, see you probably sometime over the weekend or next week
good luck for tonight
hi paul
thank u again for last night, i enjoyed the fishing and ur company, shame we didnt ave a fish they wil pick up our flys soon i am ,sure of it,,
,,,lino has beaten us paul he had a crackin 6+half last night (wednesday) on gcg,sinktip line, and my killer muddler a good fight too 15mins to land her ,weldone to that man hey!! chat soon paul ,,,regards andrew
Only a quicky mate,I'm at work.

Whats do you use for your bread flies Lee ?.

any other must haves in your box for the mullet ?.
Dubbed white rabbit zonker fur
size 20 buzzers dressed really sparse
white muddlers
look up Shad fly, vary the colours

keep experimenting with the above, some days they work, some they dont...