Woodmill 2020

So, now we have our dates booked and fingers crossed for the new season, does anyone know how to fish the Monks Brook which is available this year?


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Hi Lostangler not sure if you signed up to the Friendsofwoodmill link.

There was an email sent out by julie yesterday saying work was going to be carried out on the MW.
The MW will have 2 bankings cleared for the angler to fish.

Personally I would rather them concentrate on WM and get that completed with all the work that needs addressing..

I have only booked 1 trip this year as I begrudge paying more money if the work has not been carried out.

Yup. I signed up but couldn't get much comfort from the letter that anglers' interests were being looked after. I seem to recall them saying last year that they were doing work to the pool, but that ended up being trimming the hedges (to look nice?).
In my view, they need to substantially prune and cut back the trees by the hut (left of, as you look at the pool from the hut); remove many of the trees from the far side, beyond Monk's brook, to bring that bank back into play (it has been unfishable for at least 10 years); and repair casting platforms which are disconcertingly wobbly (although quite fun at 2am). I am less bothered by the smoothing of the bottom of the jetty as it has been unchanged for around 25 years and easy to get along to the concrete bar. In fact I rather like the leap of faith you have to do to get between jetty and bar.


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After one or 2 near duckings at the end of the ramp I'm looking forward to the repair 😆
Will be an interesting year to see how WM performs.I probably have a chance of a few other dates but I'm not going to pay money to fish MW if WM ends up being a waste of time.

I need to make use of the Ogmore for Sewin as it's a great river and going to give the Usk a good go to.

Sewinfly. ............
I wish i lived in range of the Og... I got offered a job in Cardiff a few years back but my missus vetoed it. We nearly divorced. But if we had moved west we probably would have divorced anyway, over the fishing. So she was probably right. I think.


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Well there's an auction on the Ogmore at the moment to win fishing .Worth a punt.

Do you live close to Woodmill then.

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