Willow Creek Alaska Rainbows and etc.


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Late last August the guiding slowed down, (remember the recession?), me and my buddies needed to get out of the house on our local water. Willow Creek is a river anywhere else in the world, wild, clear, and strong. In addition, this past year it decided to rampage down a side channel that previously only ran
[/IMG]* in flood, and then not retreat, but rather continue the rampage, tearing through the forest and creating two miles of new habitat, in some places completely choked with fallen trees and bushes ripped from the forest. Some of the other Willowbillies went down in their boats with chainsaws on a mission to cut the channel for boating, the old way gone too dry for floating a boat.
[/IMG] They succeeded in busting a channel into the best new rainbow fishing habitat that I have seen, but you need a lot of flies!
[/IMG]* The picture is not complete until you imagine some 30,000 dead pink salmon and maybe 10,000 silvers about half dead.
[/IMG]* The bottom is covered with dead fish in the eddies, and the carcases are hung up in the logs.
[/IMG]* The trout just feast on the flesh. *
[/IMG] Also notice the scars under the bottom lip where the trout are snarfling eggs from deep in the gravel.
[/IMG] The open gravel bar water also had a few nice fish!
[/IMG] Ross caught the only greyling, but what a beauty!!
[/IMG] And to top it off I finally waded over my chestwaders and had to swim for it!! A nice round of brandy helped that situation!
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good to see you getting to grips with posting and photo bucket George.I look forward to seeing this seasons catches,and hope to see some big kings!!;) God them fish are brutally strong!!