Well, it's been a while!

It's been quite a few years since I posted on here. :rolleyes: and can remember the old forum.

I gave the Teifi a miss for a few years but should be back on the banks this season.

I've not been idle though, still fishing, but diversified, bass on the fly, carp on the fly, sea fishing, even tench and of course trout and grayling fishing.

It's nice to see some old familiar names are still here, sadly we have lost some too.

Anyway enough prattling, see you around.

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Welcome back! As you've probably seen, the forum is rather quiet these days, so it's great to see new and returning members. I've fished the Teifi once or twice, so I'm always interested in hearing news of it.



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Would be good if there were a few more .Maybe once the season kicks off,but with new NRW rules just might turn a few anglers to hang up their rods.

Won't be long and the salmon season on the Usk will start.But with a lot of salmon beats showing low returns it's going to be an interesting year.

Hoping for an early springer.

Sewinfly. ..........


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Welcome back fella,

The new nrw are a bit stupid to say the word , but hey ho , never mind, hope you have a great season