Usk 2019


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Hopefully a much better year and will have a few trips for the sewin this year on the Usk;)



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Hi SF, is the river controlled by associations or mostly private?
Hi T7

A lot of the water is private & association water and then there's the town council water by Llanfoist bridge I believe.

Starting from the bottom of the river there maybe some water which I'm not sure about :

Isca Angling Club,probably have vacancies


Lower Llangibby -private

Upper Llangibby -private

Usk Town

Above these I'm not sure,Llanover,Crickhowell angling,Gwent Anglers. Like I said with these not sure of water in between or above.
Crickhowell will have vacancies.

Sewinfly. ...........


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Tied a few of these RM's for the Usk.


Didn't come out to well with the camera ?



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At last !!!!

On the river early this morning and the tide was pushing the river up a few inches.
Clarity was excellent and the water was cool.

Set up was a 10ft 8wt with a clear sinktip and a home tied shrimp fly.
Fishing a really deep pool and 2nd cast a nice silver 5 pounder.
Bit later was touch ledgering with a purple whisker and bang a sealiced 5 pounder.Great fight and both returned strong.

Sewinfly. ..........


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Had a short session on the Usk.Fished from early morning before sun got to hot.
Covered some nice fish with everything I had.

Not a touch.
Seen a nice otter going down river as well as literally maybe 200 plus geese flying in V formation.Nice to see.

Sewinfly. ................


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Wish it was,covered the fish with various flies but nothing.
So on with the Purple whiskers.



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When I was a boy and a member of Caerphilly AA we use to have trips to Caermawr and the guy there was a Major Hopkinson ?? I believe that owned the beat.
They had a hut right on the bend above the pool we use to call the Hook.



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River was about 4" over our gauge this morning and with good clarity and hardly any leaves at all in the river.
Did have the 14footer with me and a spinning rod with a few rapalas and C's all on single hooks.

Started with a cone head flamethrower and a sinking tip and fished a few pools and nothing.

Had placed a few sticks in and noticed that it was dropping off with a good speed.
Eventually bumped a trout off with a spinner.Moved on down the beat but flow increased as the river narrowed to much.

Went back up and a heavy fish broke water and landed with a good crash,covered it many times but maybe it was running through.

If I was that salmon I wouldn't be to hasty as reading T&S that came through the letter box today was a report of a seal above the town water !!!

I blxxdy hope not.

Sewinfly. .............