The Marches - Day 2


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Apr 21, 2008
At 8am this morning, it was overcast and cool, with a temperature at home of 4 degrees - perfect really....

Myself and Russello had a date with a beat of the Middle Teme - the river is wider, deeper, faster and considerably stronger than the river at Leintwardine.

We fancied some bait fishing for Chub and Grayling - and started off trotting maggots and fishing small feeders - it was a real struggle and we only had one small Grayling each.

I dont think that two gun dogs going across the pool we were fishing helped - the Pompus Tw*t who was working (in the loosest sense of the word) had no consideration for us, and his dogs, whilst nice looking werent well trained - by the time they had recovered a dead hen pheasant it had virtually been ripped in half. :mad:

So as the day wore on, the temperature seemed to drop, as did my enthusiasm for bait fishing - so we decided to move to a tributary of the Teme.

I'm glad we did, although I didn't have the size of the fish i had on Friday i did have a number of good fish for a river of the size we fished.

Whilst this river suffers predation, the saw bills and cormorants don't work it as hard as it is frequented heavily by dog walkers -

Its a lovely little river....

Russello in a likely spot

and into a fish

and not to be undone i had some too! - considering we only had a couple of hours, between us we had a good number of fish!

i need a polariser!

and a lovely fish to finish with, they are fat little buggars in this trib, very different to their cousins in other rivers in the area.

So - where to tomorrow........



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May 1, 2008
St Helens
Nice one boys....
Getting my grayling gear together this evening time to play with the ladies......looking at the forecast rain is due Tuesday so Monday is my only option.......

Love your Bra Russ.........

Nice framing on the last shot Paul..........


itching to get out.........
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