Swedish mullets


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They gave me a hell of a fight. I'm used to fish for sea trout and their fighting spirit can't be compared to mullets. I've fished for sea trout for more than 20 years along the swedish coast and got my share of double figure trouts but none of them fought this hard.


They do look a bit like a bonefish, so I can imagine them being strong fighters.

They seem to have a reputation for being very difficult to catch on a fly.
I think a small black fly is often recommended, but it looks like you got yours on a big green lure!
Do you catch mullet often?

Barry Ev

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nice fish

i caught mullet with fly that was given to me by a m8
on the point there was rabit tail that looks just like bread in the water, and on the dropper there was a smal bit of polystiring
that was uesfull as an indicator ,, sorry for the spelling#