Strong long-shanked nymph hook


Hi All

When fishing a sea trout pool the other night I hooked what I think was a double-figure fish. I hooked it on a size 8 long-shanked nymph pattern with a tungsten bead, tied on a dropper - a popular fly in this spot. I had the fish on for maybe 7-8 minutes and it made a last gasp run and the hook popped out. I checked my fly and could see that it had bent badly and had caused me to lose the fish. It was a streamer hook but I don't know what brand it was as it came with a joblot of fly tying gear that I bought some time ago, but obviously I'm throwing them out and want to get some heavier duty ones that will be more robust. Can anyone recommend some suitable hooks that are more dependable?


Andy R

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I had the same issue last year, Daz was kind enough to recommend some and kindly sent some samples, the Ken Sawada ones were fantastic and look pretty damn strong. Look up the thread on the search function....

For smaller singles the kamasan heavy wire B175 takes some beating its not longshank, but I've landed a 14lb seatrout by the tail on one which took some hauling in.