Slow for the bows

sunk stoat

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Went out to my local still water for some rainbow fishing yesterday with my mate Billy seen as the weather forecast was for a decent day, they weren't wrong :D

A very mild / warm day , the complete opposite from the monsoon and howling gale which is currently battering Tayside & Angus :eek:

The still water we went to is about 10mins away from the house so not too much of a hassle getting there ;)

With a nice wee ripple on the water i elected to set up a team of buzzers , full floater and dead drift them, keeping a tight line on a very slow fo8.

Not many offers happening or fish showing so changed onto my favourite lure the " cats whisker ". First cast a slow take and fish on. A cracking fight and bend in the rod was had from this fully finned bow. The fish was in top condition.

Another 6 fish followed all in the same excellent condition.

My mate also had excellent sport with 11 bows coming to the net. He had a superb blue which was as silver as some of the salmon and sea trout i have had this season :cool:

Here is some surprise pics which fell to the buzzer :eek:

Now that the season has ended i intend to give the still waters more of a visit until the new season starts on the North Esk.


sunk stoat

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Here is a recent pic of a rainbow that is my seasons best at 10.5lb . It was 1 of 7 for my day.

The fins were a bit ragged but it put up a cracking fight. It took a yellow dancer fished fo8 on an intermediate line.

The Burnside Pool at Kingennie on a sunny Autumn Day.