River Test, Testwood Salmon Pool


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Well Alwyn,Clive and myself fished Testwood last night and a big thanks to Alwyn for inviting me.

As ever Alwyn was off to a great start unknowing to me when he came across and mentioned that he already had 3 my jaw droppd "he is good" fish up to 3.5 Ib and bright silver to boot, great.

Well I kept going and managed a 1 pounder plus to the snake.

Coffee was mentioned and I fancied a cast off the point again and with a DI 3 and a snake on the end had a great pull and after a good fight managed a 5Ib plus fish.

Later had the pool to myself as the others were on the bottom of the beat and landed a fresh 3 pounder.Things were looking up after Alwyns flying start.

Well the guys came back up to fish the pool I went down in their place and within 2 casts and took a great fresh 4 pounder .

Just dirt on its nose and not damaged and all fish returned.

Hard nights fishing to be honest as we hardly stopped.

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Great results and some lovely south coast fish - congrats. I was higher up the river yesterday at Kimbridge looking for their stay at home cousins and got a few. I was hoping I might some sea trout leaping up the weir under the road bridge there but it's still a bit early I suppose and without any really significant rain yet to entice them upriver.
I'll have to try Testwood one of these days.


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Worth ago, just to treat yourself once a year.With good mates even better ;)

Sewinfly ...............