River Teifi 2019

Tight Lines to all who are going to fish the Teifi this season.

Be sure to wade the river in daylight and low water before you venture out at night.
There have been some huge gravel and boulder movements not to mention uprooted trees after the huge floods we had in the valley last autumn. Some pools and runs have filled in and new pools have been created. The changes occur mainly below pinch points Gorges, Falls etc but changes could occur anywhere.

It will be like fishing a new river on some beats, looking forward to it.

What was the returns for the river last season.

Hi Sewinfly, I don't know the complete figures but I would hazzard a guess that they will be significantly lower than previous years. No real surprise considering the lack of water and water temps the fish had to endure during the summer months. However, late April and through May there were good stocks of good sized sewin about a good mate of mine landed and returned a hen fish of 16lb I had a few up to 6lbs. There were also a few salmon about too but alot of these were taken by the coracles.
My own catches were down considerably. I did not fish the river for sewin during the drought for 6 weeks but caught a few bass and mullet in the Nevern Eastuary.
The back end salmon run once again did not happen a few fresh fish were caught but mainly we were catching stale summer fish or very stale spring fish. I personaly caught and released 3 salmon best 12lbs and lost 3 all on fly.

Lets hope all rivers have better runs this year.



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My fishing Pal caught this beauty on the 10 May 2018 well into double figures 34 inchs it went straight back after the photo.

The Teifi is fishing well now a good hight and clear.
Fish are well spread out and some nice fish being caught on fly at night along with plenty of school fish.


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That's exciting. I am on my way up to Llechryd next week for a few nights. Cannot wait. Any pointers gratefully received. Cheers all.


A bit of sad news: Martyn Morris, known as Cap on this forum sadly passed away yesterday, another well known Teifi angler gone. Nos Da Cap