River Severn-Open clubs


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As so much is made of the lack of angling effort on the River Severn, I thought I would start a list of clubs with fishing available, so people might be tempted to have a go

Leighton angling society
Secretary & Treasurer
Mr B C Jones
Caernarvon Lane
This was £46 a year, not sure about day tickets...Nice bit of Salmon and Barbel water. Big ford that is worth a look. One of the old jewels of the river. Near Cressage

Shropshire anglers Federation
Total Angling, Units 18-20, Vanguard way, Battlefield, Shrewsbury.
Tel..01743 462699
£30 a season, No day tickets. Shrewsbury weir is the old hotspot, but has fished poorly in recent years

Kinver freeliners
Pretty looking bit of river, to get the best value you would need to be fishing the pools too I guess

Sabrina Angling Club
Very good value

Will add more as time permits

gerry atric

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A friend of mine is a member of the Leighton AS and I believe that there is an additional fee to fish for salmon.Waters great for barbel but I am not sure how much effort is put in for samon or their success rate.