River Rheidol 2016


I seem to be the only forum member who ever fishes the Rheidol, but anyway...
Another holiday with my son and grandchildren, staying near Aberystwyth for a week, and our usual plan: family outings in the day, then Tom and I head out at dusk to pursue the seatrout. This year we were unlucky with the weather, however: lots of rain plus constant releases of water for power generation kept the Rheidol really too high for night fishing almost all the time. On our first night, July 30th, it was at a reasonable level, but a clear sky and falling temperature gave us a blank night. The river was higher the next night, but we found a pool that was fishable with fly and managed 3 small ones between us. For the rest of the week the river was higher still - really too high for fly fishing even in daylight - and we managed just one more fish. So, that was it for the week: just two fish each, none much over 1lb.
If you read last month's "Trout and Salmon" you'll see an article describling a night on the Rheidol with 4lb fish coming one after another! - not for us, I'm afraid, but we still had fun.


Andy R

New member

It's been an odd season, the weather has been frankly terrible for nightfishing.... This will be a season to forget for many I fear. Hopefully it'll settle down for some decent fishing in August, good report even though it wasn't that productive. It looks like a lovely river but it would be another 30 minutes travel for me past the Dovey so unlikely!