River clyde


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my first of the season came a few weeks ago it was a plump 1 and a half pounder not very big but gave a good fight and i caught it on worm i have only caught 2 others one of about 3 pound and one of around the same not much water so not much fish going out tomorrow night hopefully get one or 2 and ill try get some pictures up


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Well in Clydefisher. Good to hear of good fish coming out of what I understand was once one of the worlds most polluted rivers. Good luck with the fluff flinging!


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yes it was one of the worst thanks to the ravenscraig but now thats shut down there more and more salmon and seatrout coming up the first and the biggest salmon i got was when i was 14 and it weighd 12lb the biggest sea-trout was 8lb not had a big one in afew years tho but was out last night and a lot of fish moving around but just woodnt take the worm and i coddnt fly fish as theres trees around so goin bak out tonight hopefully tempt one to take


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I have just returned from a week away with in English Police Fly Fishing Team in Scotland. Whilst the main event was the Lake of Menteith, i did manage a few days on the Upper Clyde. It was a stunning piece of river - and i will definately return!

Some pics

The Clyde at Lamington

and further upstream

Some local wildlife!

Fly life


and fish!!

A brute of a Grayling

Going back

and some truut!

Some great fishing, some huge browns seen and hooked, although the fish that slipped my hook around 3lbs was described as 'wee' by the bailiff!

I will return, its a lovely spot.