Rio Grande 2014


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Hi All,

Well the time has come round again, a year has passed and next Thursday I fly out to the Rio Grande for what I hope is another great weeks fishing for those big Sea Trout.
I will of course do a full report when I get back and hope for a few decent fish pictures as well.
My fishing days are from the 9th to the 14th March, and with the travel we get a day in Buenos Aires on the way out and back, which is great as its still nice and warm in their summer sunshine.

Anyway, lots to do and check before I go, report to follow............



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ATB GTB! I'll be looking out for the report on your return. In the words of Monty Python you lucky lucky boy. Keep it tight

Andy R

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I bet you're wetting yourself with excitement..... I know I would be ( past 40, it seems bladder control is instantly weaker) I have to stop for a leak on my Friday night drive to the Dovey, its only 40 miles from my house to the bottom of the river.

I suspect if I went to the Rio Grande or kola, I'd need to take some sedatives....

Best of luck, hope the river's kind to you.



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Im still recovering from the trip and still to get round to compiling report and sorting out the pictures. Short summary is the weather for the week was poor even by TDF standards, so when they put out a high wind warning you know its going to be bad let alone fish in it, air temperatures were low with frosty mornings at end of the week and water temp most of the week between 3 and 5DegC. Needless to say the other five anglers and myself had a great fishing week, in fact one of the other rods, broke the Lodge record and had 62 fish for his week!!
The average weight of fish for us was 9.8Lbs.

For myself I only had 26 fish for the week which is down on last year, but again I must easily have lost twice that number. However I did manage nine fish over 15Lbs and included two 23Lb fish and one at 21Lb. The 23Lb fish were heaviest that week.

Anyway a brief update and when I have more time will get better details and some pictures posted.

Cheers GTB