oot wae the boy again.


My eldest son Dylan and I headed out for a couple of hours with the ferrets and the lurcher today, the ground was still hard after the
recent frosts and there was also a light covering of snow on it which fell during the night.

The first hole we done was a single in the middle of a gorse bush.

Dylan entered the albino jill and heard a rumble soon after, 10 minutes later and I got the locator box out and got a reading of 4ft so we decided to wait a bit longer.

I took the polecat jill and netted up some nearby holes leaving Dylan to wait on the Albino.

I got one rabbit out of this bury.

Eventually the albino jill resurfaced and we moved on to a hedgeline, not the nicest bit in the world to net.

I entered the albino jill and a rabbit bolted instantly but the net didn't hold it, it crossed the lane went through the other hedge and was gone. Not long after another rabbit bolted, rolled in the net and again was off and running, thankfully it wasn't me who set those nets.

We moved further along the hedgeline and got the nets set again.

Both jills were used and it wasn't long before there was a rumble and then a rabbit pursed the net and this time Dylan got to it a bit

As Dylan was dealing with the netted rabbit we could hear another one rattling about underground.

This rabbit wasn't keen on bolting but eventually the Jill forced it out only for the net to hank on a root and again the rabbit was away.

We then decided to move away from the hedgeline and do the ditch in the field.

Get up.

I'm telling you there's something in here.

We got the nets on and stood back.

It wasn't long untill we heard the noise that told us the ferret had found, 10 minutes later and with nothing happening except bumping I put the albino down and got a reading at 2ft. Out with the spade and just as I broke through a rabbit pursed the net behind me. I checked the hole i'd dug and the polecat jill had a rabbit bottled up in a stop end which I extracted.

As I was doing this we heard another rabbit rumbling about underground and a few seconds later another rabbit was netted and the albino jill followed it out.

We ended up with 5 rabbits but it could,ve been more.


sunk stoat

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Not a bad days ferreting there Tote.

Must admit it looked freezing so you and the boy did well.

Does the dug not bolt after the weebits that get past the netting.




The dog was on the wrong side of the hedgeline when the rabbits missed the nets
so didn't get a run at them.