NRW Byelaws


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I've just been sent a copy of the decision on the above and it would appear the welsh government have approved the new byelaws to take effect from 1st |January 2020. I take they are as originally proposed.


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Best of luck to a lot of Welsh angling clubs - Teifi etc without worming for Salmon! The canoeing and poaching brigade must be rubbing their hands. Not to mention every cowboy who wants to set up some sort of river adventuring activity business - no doubt with a grant from our marvellous Assembly! Sad days indeed.



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I started to read it and you could sense that it's gone the way the nrw wanted.Did stop reading it as I felt a bit pixxed off.The amount of information provided by the fisherman with hundreds of years of experience between us and put forward accounted for nothing it seems.

The fact that they are going to give people who fish the prawn a couple of weeks in September is a joke.
Guys in my syndicate would rather fish earlier in the season than target fish later .

Really appreciate the effort that was done by the people who were fighting for us anglers.As you said Phil we will now have to see what happens regarding the canoe fraternity.

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I also part-read it, but couldn't get through it all: I found it too depressing. The more I read of the NRW case, the more their complete indifference to the anglers' views became apparent. I noticed especially their contemptous dismissal of the difference between mandatory and voluntary C&R as a "philosophical" distinction, which was thus not worthy of discussion. They also asserted that 85% of Welsh anglers would be unaffected by the proposals (these presumably being brown trout, coarse and sea anglers). This seems to me equivalent to justifying a ban on using an oval ball for rugby by claiming that 85% of footballers would be unaffected.
Thankfully, sea trout fishing will be little affected, but I do fear that this marks the beginning of the end for salmon fishing in Wales.



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I did quite a long post but somehow lost it but a lot of what I put in has now been said , a few points to add though.
Firstly the honest and straightforward anglers who put their views to the enquiry have been made to look fools by the highly paid NRW barristers ( I'm told they cost £360k )and the inspector in his report ( please read the inspectors report it's awful ) , I don't consider any of the contributors fools and thank them for trying.
Secondly when they talk of percentages I would say the majority of people who will be affected will be local welsh people and local clubs.
Thirdly I fish for coarse fish and game fish and if I wanted to rate the fish least likely to survive when returned I would say the salmon , I'm not saying they can't be returned ok , and in some cases I'm sure they are returned perfectly.
When I read the inspectors report it makes you sick at the way we do things in this country , they got shooting banned on Forestry land what's next. I don't think this is about salmon conservation.