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Hi all, I am a very new member here, and a very long way from most of you,( Tasmania ) love fly fishing in all its forms.....We are 10 weeks into our new season here and to date have only landed and released two small sea run Browns so far.....very wet winter and spring so far....record breaking rainfalls actually and the rivers are very high....well it can only get better.......looking forward to following this forum.......regards Bevin


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Welcome to the forum Bevin, you really are a long way away. Our season here in Wales came to an end yesterday & spring is some five & a half months off before it all starts again. Look forward to reading your reports of how things progress during your season. Tight lines, Jeff.


Welcome to the forum Bevin:)
I'm looking forward to any hearing how your season progresses, hope it's a good one.


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Alternate seasons and hemispheres

Alternate seasons and hemispheres

Welcome officially Bevin. :)

Actually to echo what some of the members have already said, it is really great to have members in the southern hemisphere so we can all continue to live vicariously through you and your season until ours gets going again up here in the north. Hopefully you will find the same come next spring/summer. :cool:

Hope you can share some photos sometime of your fish.