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As a new member I'd like to introduce myself; my name is John and I've not been fishing since I was a young boy, I'm now 67.
I've recently joined the local Angling Club and now fish in the river Taf in West Wales. I've already met some other fishermen who have extended a warm welcome and in particular I would like to say thanks to Craig and Glynn; not sure if they are members of the Forum.
I fish the 'Backe' stretch of water and so far have caught quite a few small brown trout mainly using a size two Mepp; managed to put most of them back. Thoroughly enjoying myself but still waiting to catch my first sewin or even better a salmon. Next season I hope to fish the Whitland stretch of water.I would welcome any advice particularly from any members who fish the Taf which I understand is a worm or spinning river and not generally regarded suitable for fly.
All the best for now and good luck with the fishing.

Andy R

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Welcome Starfish/ John,

It's a quieter forum than it used to be, but activity has increased a bit recently. I'm afraid I can't offer much advice on the Taff.... But I'm sure there are members on here who can help.

Andy R


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Welcome John, I'm sure you will get the answers to your queries from some of the guys on here. All I can say is keep peresevering & I'm sure that 1st sewin or even that salmon has your name on it. Keep us posted.


Welcome to the forum John:)
If you are spinning the best time is when the river is running off after a flood or if your fishing in low water on dull days, last light & first light IMO


Welcome, John. When worm fishing, I look for a river starting to fall after a flood, and head out as early as I can in the morning. I don't know the Taf, I'm afraid, but on the rivers I've fished I would fish with a running worm - just a single shot on the line, a foot from the hook - and drop it into any little pocket of water, not just the big pools.
Let us know how you get on!