My season so far.


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I had the 1st one within 10 mins of starting, then It went quiet for an hour then I had the other two about an hr apart, fish were there but out of my range, maybe it was too calm with little water movement.
When I used to go for them a few years back most of the fish were taken in the very early hrs in that half light stuff when it was very calm, but with a slight chop and a bit higher tide up 12.0 then were not that shy and took in bright light, good thing with bass if you see them on the surface chasing they usually take the plug or fly straight away. I will have another go again when the tides are better for me, I'm off this week but the tides are dropping luck.

Nice mullet mate strong fish they are...god sounded like yoda then.


Well done Daz!
A nice reward a cracking fish you have there.
I wish I lived near the shores where theres fish like this to have ago at.
I've never fly fished in the sea!
Maybe one day, who knows.


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Thanks guys.

Paul,if your are ever down my neck of the woods,drop me a pm and I would gladly share a shore line with you!.



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A big thank you to Daz for showing me one of his fav spots this morning :)
A pb bass on the fly of around 9lb followed two smaller fish of 5lb and 2lb, many thanx again bud.