Mullet in the Bay....



I used to fish a lot for Mullet, mainly on bait, but i have had them on a fly rod with small dog biscuits, ( which they love by the way)..
The first fallacy about mullet is that they have soft mouths...Not so, no softer than any fish, most anglers lose em by not playing them hard enough....
I ain't been able to fish for em for a good while now because of mobility problems, BUT, i have decided to try for em in a local bay, a bay i used to fish a lot and have had em in the past up 6lb+ ? estimated)... I have no pics unfortunately, as i never used to bother carrying a camera... The bay is Shallow, i would guess, deepest area at high water, not a lot more than 15/20 ft ...
here are a couple of pics.. The bay has a nice beach to the right of these shots and is where i fished mainly, ok on bait but a tad busy at times to fly fish, the mullet come very close in, so seldom have to wade deeper than knee's.. I intend to use a variety of lures from the basic "Bread Fly" to some shrimp imitations i dressed ages ago and never used.. I will also try some of the danish patterns ..

This is a shot looking out to sea.. I will fish this side the shots taken from but the far side is preferred, i want to have a good try on the fly so will follow the tide in from about 1 hour into the flood.. If the beach is quiet i will try that on a small tide, (or low water up sometimes) otherwise i'll stick to the rocks..

This pic shows the far rocks better, the beach is to the left at the back of the bay, its a small bay..( the beach is just visible through the tree}

I have fished this bay many many times and the times of fishing mentioned are my favorites but i would have a go almost any time on the flood ;)
I mention dog biscuits, i have found that the best way to get the mullet on them is to find patch of weed that shows floating on the surface with 3/4' depth under, at low water or the start of the flood, with Mullet around the close area..... throw a few biscuits to them into the weed bed (the weed stops the biscuits floating away so quickly and keeps the Mullet close by a while longer.. if interested they will take em pretty quickly,
the big problem with surface baits in the sea are the gulls .. you have to take your chance..I use a small controller fitted double rubber to the line with a small shot either end of the controller when using biscuit or free line with bread ...You have to weigh up whats best at the time of fishing ??
When i fish this way i use a small controller, when fishing a float with bread/herring etc, I now use a home made bubble float..i make these in 3 sizes this is the largest..takes 4ssg ( use a link swivel to attach it to the line and pinch the shot lightly ( i pinch the shot onto some fine soft plastic tube such as telephone wire covering, so can squeeze a bit tighter. ) either side of the link, (i use a far smaller link than this one ..It was just handy to hang the float for a pic).. These are easily made from plastic Pipettes loads on E-bay for pennies, I find black the best colour as i am usually looking out onto white water ?

This is the last type of controller, used when breezy or fishing at range on the surface, this is a heavy one for breezy days....the Line to hook goes through the swivel with a float stop at the side nearest the hook... This is just a variation of Stumps Ledger rig ?? but for surface ...More lead and its a ledger...You can easily adapt it to a slow sinking ledger,, :D

Tite lines .. Si..

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Apr 9, 2009
east devon
The shrimp fly to the right is very similar to some I tyed and gave to Mike Ladle some years ago.A very excited Mike phoned me one night soon after to tell me he had just caught his then biggest ever mullet at over 7.5 lbs.It was a few years ago but I believe that the mullet were feeding on the sea slaters that were washing out of the seaweed on the top of the spring tide.I never tried this fly myself for mullet but have caught plenty of bass on it and similar.I generally use a maggot fly,as shown it Mike's books,for catching mullet and have managed two over 6lb and many more over 5lb.


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Mar 10, 2009
What time of year do you start to see them down there SI? I have seen them in Douglas marina in April before, caught a few last year too fishing on the inside where the river comes in. Never tried dog biscuits for them though, any particular type?