Loch Fada, South Uist - October


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Sep 18, 2009
I thought I would give Stan Headley's recommended variant of the Kate Maclaren a go. He suggested a muddler-style fly with West of Ireland Golden Olive ("WOIGO") deer hair deployed as the muddler head. So I bought some from Rob Denson, who, I think, points out somewhere that it is neither golden or olive. I agree. I would say it is something like Virginia tobacco. But never mind. I had tied my fly on a size 10 single salmon hook, about the size recommended by Bill McEwan long ago in his book on fishing Loch Lomond. The fly was on the bob, and we were fishing in a fair breeze and a decent wave, guided by that wonderful gillie, Ian Kennedy, from Bornish. Well, about an hour into our day, the fly was hit like a train by a sea-trout which proceeded to strip off almost forty yards of line, just like that. It ran to my right, parallel to the boat and my fishing companion was able to flip his flies out of the water, thus avoiding what would have been a catastrophic tangle. Then it took a 90-degree turn and headed behind us, away from the boat. No tail-hopper, this fish. Down he bored, into the weed, not giving me an inch, and my line running out further all the time. Well, Ian rowed back as if he were Stroke of a leading Eight at the Henley Regatta. His long powerful pull soon had me back in range although there was still twenty yards of line out. For a while, the fish just stayed deep, and I could do very little except pray that my knots would hold. Then, very gradually, I started to gain line. About ten to fifteen minutes after I hooked him, he came to the net. He was a little black, but solid and thick, like a car tyre. He weighed 4.5 lbs which slightly surprised me given his strength, but anyway, back he went, for he deserved his freedom and I do not kill black fish anyway. Well, next year's trip is already planned, so guess what I am tying this winter......


May 1, 2008
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it really is a superb loch,i had an amazing days fishing there with Stan over a decade ago ,we had action on almost every drift.
Rob denson does supply some cracking stuff. I see what you mean about the wogio matching virginia tobbaco
his threadless buzzers have become a mainstay of my resserfishing down in england