Lake Creek Alaska August 2011


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Feb 5, 2010
Lake Creek in August is hard to beat.

We arrive by floatplane.

The scenery is spectacular!

In August the fishing is mainly for Silver Salmon. Rainbows, Greyling, Chum salmon and Pink salmon are all in the river. This confluence was stuffed with hundreds of Silvers.

It is common to see bears looking for fish.

This confluence camp is at Yenlo Creek.

Looking for the next fish.

A nice Yenlo Creek Chum Salmon.

Silver Salmon on the cooker.

The pool behind the boat was full of Silvers and Chums.

The miners did some hard work, like dragging this machine ten miles upriver.

Don't forget to catch a few pink Salmon before you go.

Mt Foreraker in the Alaska Range from Lake Creek.

I hope you have enjoyed my post about fishing on Lake Creek, Alaska.
Thanks, George
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