I May Be Tempted


New member
Apr 27, 2009
I enjoy fishing, I enjoy cooking but until now the twain have never met - I have always disliked eating fish. Even the flesh of the regal salmon does nothing to excite my taste buds and set my digestive juices flowing. The smell, the masses of pin sharp bones and a childhood memory of a badly cooked piscatorial dinner have always kept fish firmly off my diet.
Well that is not strictly true, many years ago I was fortunate enough to visit South Africa and where we have Cod & Chips or Haddock and Chips in a little place called Hout Bay they served something called King Clip with Chips. Now I have never seen a King Clip but I do remember it was beautiful - big, thick chunks of moist white flesh and not a bone in sight. But I digress.
Fish is usually the last thing on the menu I would order but having read some of your recipes I am almost tempted to try one or two of them.

Thanks for them all - keep em coming and I may risk trying one or two of your offerings!