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My name is Ard, some may be familiar through the SFF forum where I still use the original handle Hardyreels. I chose that name over 12 years ago when I was new to forums. I thought you had to use a screen name a the time and I was a collector and user of that make of reels. Back when the Hardy Company announced that they would begin producing some reels in South Korea (2007) or there about the market for the Alnwick reels went bonkers and people were willing to pay outrageous prices for British Made Hardys and I had every Lightweight and Marquis series reel most still unused. Add to those a bunch of right hand Perfects and St. George reels and I had a virtual gold mine in house here. so........... Big sale and lots of money, back then pay pal was free and average eBay charges for a $350 dollar sale was around 5 dollars so I moved out every reel I did not use.

When the dust settled I started to feel strange with my screen name. People would direct questions at me assuming I knew it all but without my reels for reference I had to answer from memory. Eventually I changed my screen name on the North American forum to Ard, yeah I'm there too. Sort of a Fish & Fly forums fanboy here I guess :)

I have joined your forum so I can become familiar with the software, rumor has it we may change to this platform on other forums so I'm here to learn and to get to know some of you posters. I live in Alaska and am getting old I guess. There's a long history of fly fishing behind me at this time and I am a traditionalist. I use real flies and real fly lines fishing for salmon, trout, grayling, char and steelhead trout with the occasional Pike in the mix.

I serve some people as a guide here and work only for 2 hand or single hand fly casters, no beads and bobbers and a catch & release guide only. I've been living here for 15 years now and know my way around pretty well. All the fishing access here where I live is by boat so I have a fairly slick jet boat that seats 2 passengers and myself as driver. Things here are changing fast, call it climate related or call it over fishing but I call it both. I'll be able to fish for our version of Sea Trout a few more times yet this year weather permitting and here they are sea run rainbow trout also known as steelhead trout.

Lot's of rods reels and lines here so I sometimes can be helpful explaining things with regard to match ups in general.

There is a rumor that I may be coming to your wonderful and historic country in 2020 to fish for salmon and sea trout. I've one friend who lives near the Border Esk (hope I spelled that correct) and another in Durham and still another in Scotland so I will be getting the grand tour. I am quite prepared especially with the decline in our salmon numbers I have become adept at fishing where they can be hard to come by. The trip is more about seeing the rivers and people tahn catching the fish but we all know that does make fishing tripps a bit better doesn't it :)

On to see the forum now,