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Hi I'm new to all this sea trout fishing I have been fishing 10 years and just started on sea trout
I went to the woodmill pool recently and had my first sea trout and I have to say I'm hooked lol
I'll be trolling through old posts picking up snippets of info any one out there with any advice I would greatly appreciate it
Cheers jim


Welcome, Jim. I got into night-time seatrout fishing relatively late in life - in my case, after about 40 years of trout fishing - but it's the best that fishing has to offer, and I'm going to carry on as long as I can walk.
No advice from me, I'm afraid; I still feel like a beginner - but there are plenty of experts here. In any event, let us know of your successes when they come. I don't get as many opportunities to fish for seatrout as I would like, so I enjoy hearing of the exploits of others.
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Welcome Jim, firstly to the frustrating sport of sea trout fishing & secondly to the forum :D The best advice I can offer is to pay a visit to your local library & see if you can obtain a book written by Hugh Falkus (Sea trout Fishing), considered to be "The Bible" for sea trout anglers. Admittedly, times, tackle & lures have changed significantly but the basics described in that book have stood the test of time. I look forward to reading your future posts here & on your experiences, progression in your pursuits & hopefully your successes. Tight lines,



Welcome to the Forum Jim.
Good advice given above but I would add Moc Morgan & Graham Harris book on Sea Trout fishing as well. Combined with Falkus you have the best of the written word on sea trout available.
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Welcome Jim, it's a great sport, of all the fly fishing I do ( salmon, trout and seatrout) it's the one that's the most addictive. It's also quite difficult at times, but the books Aled recommended will set you on the right track....apart from Falkus taking the points off his hooks- that's completely barmy.

There's plenty of old posts and threads on here, and a few anglers who know what they're doing, so feel free to post and questions....


Welcome to the forum Jim:)
Like other members have already pointed out on various books to get a good idea of this sport.
I find it's best if you can get out with others sea trout fishermen that fish your beat if you can, it'll put you in the right places & the right tactics for chosen pools.