Gratin of Sea-trout.



A tasty fish dish for 4 people!


4 nice fillets of Sea-trout (one fish of 4lbs, or 2 of about 2lbs each).
12 thin slices of very lean bacon.
1 lb. of new potatoes (Jersey Royals are best).
3 ozs. butter.
3 big-ish onions.

Half of ONE bay-leaf, not more.
Small bunch of chives.
Bunch of parsley.
Ground black pepper & some sea-salt.
4 ozs. Cornish clotted cream!

At least one decent bottle of Pinot Noir...(Remember, when any recipe says 'add wine', never ask, "To what?" )

Lightly pat the fish with kitchen paper to remove excess water only.
Divide each bacon rasher into quarters.
Slice both the potatoes and onions with a very sharp knife, as thinly as you can.
Use about half the butter to cover a fairly large gratin dish.

Now, set out all the ingredients in layers, as evenly as possible, adding the seasoning as you go, in this order:

Half the potato...bay leaf...half the onion...half the parsley and chives...half the bacon...ALL the FISH...the remainder of the parsley & chives, the bacon, onion and potatoes.

Dab the remainder of the butter overall and pour on the cream. Add ONE glass of wine only.

Put into a pretty hot oven, say 200C (400F) and leave for about three parts of an hour. If you have a FAN oven, drop the temp. a tad.

When the dish starts to bubble up at the sides, drop the heat down a bit to 350F (180C)

Allow to cook through for about another 15-20 minutes (keep checking), and serve when ready on pre-warmed plates.

The wine should have been standing for at least one hour at room temperature... ( You may need two bottles...)

I have never tried this recipe with salmon, but if you do, then reduce the bay-leaf by 50%.

Bon Appetit!