Fly Drying


Last week I decided that I should sort out my fly boxes at long last. I ended up throwing away a lot of flies that I had put back into the box wet during night fishing sessions causing dyes to run and flies to essentially get quite disheveled. I know that it's not a good idea to put wet flies back into boxes and they should be dried out of course. When I'm trout fishing, small flies are put onto my waistcoat fly patch and allowed to dry and because they are so small they don't cause problems. But does anyone know of a good piece of kit that can be used to deposit and dry big sea trout flies during a session? Something that you can toss tubes, snakes and big flies into so that they are secure, can dry and won't cause you problems during the night. The only silver lining of my experience is that it means that I have an excuse to tie up more flies to replenish my boxes!


It might be a good idea to put them in a separate fly box then wash them out in the morning & dry them out on a piece of form before putting them back in your fly boxes.