Estancia Maria Beherty 2013


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I have loaded pics to photobucket for viewing; Grande 2013

We arrived on New Years Eve, so had the thrill of seeing how Buenos Aries parties, and had a great night down in the Puerto Madero development, which is basically the old commercial docks gentrified. A riotous night was enjoyed enormously.

This was my fourth journey to The Land of Fire, and certainly the most challenging, fishing wise, so far. The river was running probably 3ft higher than on arrrival last year. This made a number of the pools more difficult to fish, and also meant that we could not cross the river in many places to be able to escape the worst of the legendary wind.

Consquently, catches for the party of 14 were down; over 9 days we landed upwards of 250 fish, compared to a high of 650 in 2011. last year with low water, we had success fishing mainly small nymphs and goldheads, this year it was back to intruders, leeches and a variety of tube flies. Monkeys and sunrays did well.

To cope with the flow, and still attain good fishing depths, it was T14, T17 and occasionally T20 most of the time. Weather was pretty good whilst we were there and we had no disruptions form lifts or colour.

Fortunately, given the more testing conditions, we had a great social party who managed to keep spirits high throughout, and the food was great and the guides as good as ever. I think the boys down there are as good as any I have fished with anywhere in the world, and they have real respect and passion for their river and their fish, which is great.

Kenny has already posted a link to the Global video of the trip, and further details can be found on if anyone is interested.

The quality of the fish was as good as ever, with almost everyone bright, spanking fish. Having reviewed my figures over the 4 years, my average weight has been consistently between 9.5lbs and 10.5lbs. I didn't unsurprisingly manage to beat my 32lb monster from last year, but had 2 fish over 20lbs and I think 6 were landed during the trip.

Other highlights included an asado lunch down in the estate village, shared with all the workers. The annual sheep shearing had just finished and about 40000 sheep were working round without their jumpers.

Again, utterly marvellous. hosts of memories, fantastic fishing and time to start saving again. if anyone wants any more details get back to me. Phil