End of season & prep. for 2010/11

Andy R

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Had a good season last year for the shoot, it's the first year we've put real effort in (16 feeders etc.) we've done quite well and are looking to increase the number of feeders as we'll have a thinned out conifer woodland to go at for next season- so ten or so can go in the wood.

I've dug out an old silted up pond, and have had a couple of mallard on the water within a week- so I've re-sited a feeder into the water and filled it with barley- I'm hoping they nest.

I've started to bring the feeders back in now, the farmers have got sheep out (with sheep nuts that the pheasants seem to find more attractive than wheat) and there's some young shoots sprouting now in the woodland edges.

Of the 16 feeders I've brought 6 small plastic ones back in empty, and of the 10 left out 7 are still half full- so I think that will do them till the spring kicks off fully. The reason for the lower level of consumption being I think is the alpha cock birds have set up territories and pushed some other cock birds out.

On another point, we noticed last season where we placed feeders (and I'm using large metal barrels- the smaller plastic ones get nicked) after a period of time the ground gets scraped and pecked away to mud. One thought was to put a section of rubber mat beneath the feeder- another was to use a piece of galzanised sheeting hinging on two posts, covering the feeder to act as a shelter. At the moment I screw them to a post to prevent them being tampered with, nicked or tipped over by sheep.

With them being staked and the fact they hold 50kg of wheat- I don't want to keep moving them around.

Any thoughts on how to avoid this?

Andy R.


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tin sheeting works a treat. If people nick your feeders, also have a sniff inside the ones you have. People have been known to put diesel into rivals feeders!

For the ducks, consider an automatic feeder too

Andy R

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Thanks for the advice on tin sheeting, I think we'll go for that.

I think the stolen feeder was a one-off: a small feeder visible from the lane. Most of the others are large metal ones, and unless you've got a pickup, won't fit in a boot even of a 4x4.

I've noted the comment about diesel, but I've been round all and there's no taint in any of them. My nearest commercial shoots a mile or two away and I'm not sure they're too bothered- there's a good stock of birds all year round on the ground, and we'll be putting down 80 or so this coming season, so we're 'playing fair'.