Dunkeld House Hotel, River Tay


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Well I did manage to fish the Tay at Dunkeld for half a day.

It was a 4hr ticket from 9-1 so thought I would be in with a chance early in the morning.That meant 4 hrs non stop until the line drawed away , bound to happen :rolleyes:

Saw a couple of fish move the previous day below Ladys Pool.
Water looked great and at a good level and with this being the Tay with prices slightly higher as the pools should have fish in them confidence was high and expectations of a fish were looking good.

Well I fished constantly changing tactics and flies and that was it, not a touch.

Did I expect to have a pull ? yes I did , why I don't know it was my first time in fishing a Tay beat and everything looked perfect.

Would I give it another go.