Bishop auckland angling club BADAC


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May 7, 2008
North Wales
Our fantastic fishing club based on the river wear

17 miles of water spread over 4 consecutive beats

50 named pools

1 fly only pool (very good seatrout haunt)

Full adult membership price £150per annum

Season grayling ticket £35

Day/night 24hr ticket £25 (salmon,seatrout)

Children fish completely free t+c's apply

Our waters on the middle wear will fish well given water from may onwards, a great club with lots of water to go at and fantastic numbers of seatrout well into double figures are caught every season, salmon are also targeted and plenty get caught every season in spate conditions, with prawn, spin, worm, and fly applications. Night fishing on bishop club is most people's favourite but with that much water in all my time on BADAC I've never ever had to wait to fish a pool, you basically have the river to yourself. A host of friendly members including yours truly, can be arranged to meet up with you and show you around the river/pool/access points etc,before joining if you wish, a very very cheap membership for more info please don't hesitate to drop me a PM or visit the bishop auckland angling club website, regards.....lewis
Is the fly only pool included in your photos?
Looks like quite a few anglers are using Switch rods.....something I've been thinking about, but I'm not convinced I have much use for one.


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Sep 19, 2020
And goes back about 30 yards behind me in this photo also, can be fish with single, switch or double hand rods mate 👍