Bass Size Limit

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hi i belive it is 14.17 inches witch is but that is in my north western and north wales sea fisheries book but cant see if thair would be mutch diffrence :)


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Cheers for that,Cicada.

I remember the fuss back then and thought that the 40cm rule had been passed.



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Essential reading on Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) see table 5

The MLS is 36 cm ( minimum legal landing size -commercial and rod caught sport)
As we all know the governing sporting bodies for sea fishing have a size implied at a greater amount, this is not legally binding on anglers who are not attached to clubs , associations is however good practise to return all bass less than 40cms which is the size recognized as the size by which they spawn for the first time...why Defra ignore this in formation as based on surveys by their eminent scientist Donovan Kelly beggars belief...however the EU have more to do with it as we know

useful for the freshwater knowledge...
Enjoy the read

Unregulated netting for bass in the Bass Nursery areas in Nth Wales, especially the Dee and the Dyfi is being igored and not managed by EA Wales as agreed with Defra!
The EA is and was required to enforce netting regulation on behalf of DEFRA in the past and some years ago the best ever convictions and fines were recorded on the Dee Estuary - Nothing has happened ever since 2005!
Why ? Their officers don't have any interest any more and the bye catch of bass netters is usually salmon and sea trout and later sneaked in under cover of darkness.
The EA have as a matter of fact disposed of their Hi tech equipment which was bought at great cost as no one know longer has the technical knowledge or the skills to operate it...a bloody disgrace!!!

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