Anyone know where I can buy a vulturine patch of elver feathers?


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I am looking to tie up some blue elvers but i'm not really interested in buying feathers, would rather get a full skin or a full elver section of a vulturine skin.



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Its limited were you get them Bootsy & full skin will still only provide small Qty of elver flank feathers.
The last full skin I saw was on Cookshill stand at BFFI a couple of years for £50.00'ish try Steve Cooper (Cookshill) other than that its Feathermans Feathers who supply the others \i think.



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Thankyou very much or the info bb.

Fly tying becomes an expensive past time when the blue elver in invloved, however I love this pattern fished on the point with a shrimp fly on the dropper.

Anyone else on here fish this fly with great effect?