Any particular Christmas??

"Right then,

It's time to get some of the money raised from the forum auction back to the members.

There will be numerous competitions, draws etc over the coming months, including a very nice Christmas present for someone!!!

So this is the first competition."....our imperious leader from a closed thread.


I'm quite partial to a quickie myself, but don't want to miss it.:D

YS. Bored and waiting to go home W&S:p


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Any particular Christmas??

Mud's "Lonely"
Elvis's "Blue"
Bings "White"
Whams "Last"
Chris Rea's "driving home for"
Kinks "Father"
Dolly Partons "T!TS" :)eek:Whoops sorry and all that) "hard candy" (well they could be hard candy):D
Shwaddywaddy's "Hey Mister"
The Tweenies "I believe in"
Alan Jacksons "I only want you for"
Gayla Peevy's "I want a hippopotomous for"
Bellamy Brothers "Old Hippie"
The Eagles "Please come home for"
Jeff Foxworthys "12 days of"
George Thorogood & The Destroyers "Rock & Roll"
Elton John's "Sep into"
Bob Rivers "twelve pains of"
Elvis's "The wonderfull world of"
Porter Wagoner's "We wish you a merry"
Faith Hill's "Where are you"

Oh Hell whats it coming to :confused: its black eye friday, and the seasonal festivities are starting, and Im sat here at the computer posting daft things which I would say is out of character,
sign of the times I suppose, cant be bothered with all the fighting and skirmishing anymore, going home Peeved, with half a dish full of Beef Chow Mein down the shirt, Nag Nag, earache from the missus :D

I think its time to vist the Trick Cyclist and get this job sorted for next Christmas

Anyway the list above are of Christmas'ses, W&S has asked the question " Which One"

its got to be Dollys ;)

Hell I am bore.



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W&S, due to work i have left it a little late, i will do something in the early new year.

Many apologies.