Aggresive Browns



I have noticed on the Wear that the Brown Trout are getting ready for the Winter.
Their is some daddies on my windows so i will try and get one of the larger fish that i have seen in Cow- Green.
With the rain we are getting the Feeder streams attract these heavier fish and ive also had some savage takes on a missionary fly.
Cow- green has never been stocked and the fish feed on bullheads and other small fish.
Most of the fish are around the ten inch mark but they are in perfect condition now and i like to take a few for the pot .
They also need culling up there because food is scarse.
I Dont know if ive missed the Heather flies but my favourite cast is a kate- mclaren and a bibio with a teal and black on the point or a black and peacock..
I walk to the top of the reservoir and work my way back to the lodge fishing like a river.
Far more lost than landed . They are really agressive little wild fish.PB


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Sep 26, 2010
I to fish the Wear and to the tail end of the season get some very aggressive take on small 11/4inch devon minnows fished up stream, the best been 13inch in length great fun on ultralight spinning gear