A Days Woodcock Shooting - Courtesy of Woodcockandsewin


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A days woodcocking next January in West Wales to include accomadation, tucker, kennels, etc. Gun safety and a good sense of humour will be necessary. O/U acceptable....just!!;):D


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Hi folks lets get the ball rolling on this one

£50 from me

Are sawn off guns and nylon stockings on the head acceptable.
hope so can make a withdrawal at the bank at the same time to pay for this.:) :)



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Prefer lipstick to paint I find paint is a bugger to get off.

Also much nicer finish with the first :)



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Is it for one gun walked up or driven ? sorry for my questions, what is to be seen ? not necessarilly hit ?


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If it's the same place (?)I went last year! - It's a fantastic day out!.

It's a 'DRIVEN DAY' - I think our bag last year was around 50 woodcock,a few duck ( mallard/teal ) and a couple of pheasant.We could have shot alot more pheasant but the guns chose to leave them go - They were High man.:eek:



Very Big Cornish Sea Trout - one of a kind
We could have shot alot more pheasant but the guns chose to leave them go - They were High man.:eek:

Ive heard of Guns who had "dined too well",tipsy gillies,drunk keepers and even inebriated beaters.....but pheasants getting high at a shoot,well...!Its totally irresponsible and against all Health and Safety at Work regs and practice.This society is really going to the (gun)dogs

shocked of bodmin:mad:

This is described as driven, but there is a fair amount of walking, though I will ensure you stand every drive if so desired. Whilst not swimming the channel before breakfast, and climbing Everst before lunch, skipping the second helping of Chrissie pud and brandy butter is a good call. (I'm 44, 17 stone, 20/day and 40+units a week, but have my own iron lung).

Expected bag of woodcock between 12-30...normally 50-75 "rises" in a day. There will be the usual mixture of various, (pheasants are vermin!!), and weather permitting I can guarantee a good day.

So get bidding!!