A Cornish Treat with Shocker - Courtesy of Shocker


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Item: a nights fishing on the Liskeard AC water of the fowey,subject to day ticket availability the price of which is covered in the item.Also subject to weather/water conditions and my availability,at a time to be negotiated,to be taken up before september.Sorry,cant offer accomodation,but can collect and return to your lodgings,within reason!

If preferred or dictated by conditions,a tides fishing on the camel estuary for bass etc and/or mullet stalking at wadebridge on the river.Same conditions apply. Cant garuantee catch,but promise a bloody good laugh,at the very least at my expense.:D

Flies for either expedition supplied,to the best of my slim ability,suitable tackle for the heavily treed river can be provided if necessary.

The winner will be regaled with locally produced free range meat and sausages,as snacks and to take home.Pickled onions/eggs by arrangement.


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Will be down your way end of july again, and the the words : Free range meats, sausages, pickled onions/eggs have tempted me to bid, sampled some of your stuff last year, very tasty :)

Hows £15 sound ? (not enough)

£20 it is then.

Now bring on the Jacobs :D:D:D



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Me and my big mouth....I've landed myself with a night in the woods with either of the two biggest maniacs south of the border.....HELP!!!!Bid now!!!!

trembling shocksie:(



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Was going through some older threads and found this.

Am very sorry but will fire some money off for this when i get back from holiday next week.