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    Spring clean rod sale.

    I am having a clear out of my “tackle shop” due to it being underworked and overpaid. Single handers 1 x Sage Z axis, 10’#8. 4 piece c/w aluminium tube. Condition A. £275.00 1 x B/W Sea trout 10’6” #8 3 piece c/w tube. Condition B. £125.00 2 x Sportfish HD 9’6” #7/8 2 piece c/w double...
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    Old dog, new tricks

    After years of begging, i finally managed to blag a days woodcock shooting at Holkham Hall, home of the bowler clad keepers. On arrival and opening of the boot, the teenage spaniel with barely a pulse in evidence during the cold snap hit warp factor 5 as it sped across the park grounds to the...
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    River Tweed

    I see from fishpal there are some spanking sea trout in the returns at the moment.
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    Some interesting lots

    I found this auction during a little light surfing. Just in case any of you might be interested. W&S
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    Tweed fish

    I see from fishpal there was a 15lb fish caught at Tillmouth on monday. W&S
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    Career opportunity

    Learn how to be a professional Tourette. I just love the phone call bit!! Keep smiling whilst all around are falling off the hook. W&S
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    Multi talented Towy

    Just had a day's shooting on Golden Grove. Whilst waiting above Dryslwyn Bridge to ambush some geese, I'm fairly certain a snowy owl flew across from the castle to the old road. Has anyone else seen this bird? It's a long way south of its usual range, but there were some genuine snow geese...
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    Any particular Christmas??

    "Right then, It's time to get some of the money raised from the forum auction back to the members. There will be numerous competitions, draws etc over the coming months, including a very nice Christmas present for someone!!! So this is the first competition."....our imperious leader from a...
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    We Three Kings,,,

    Oh the shame of the Nantgaredig Boys Choir.:o More like 3 queens: Mr (& Mrs) Loomis and Sir Squirrel Fox were shipped up to Bucks to show the toffs a thing or two about close harmonies, only to be trounced in the West WyX factor by a bunch of squawking teenagers. Max Boyce, Gareth Edwards...
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    Sage XP

    FYI I saw this RH5 hit on ebay for all those XP lovers. W&S
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    Bulk buying discount

    Just bringing members attention to this thread on the salmon forum. Hope you don't mind Hoppy.
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    La Paz Gold Cup 2008

    Well Gents, starting to get excited as take off is 8 weeks away. As well as the main event, we will be swffing for snapper, dorado, yellowfin, roosters, sailfish and any other fishy thing that wants a go!! So if anyone fancies submitting a fly or 2 for...
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    Just seen this on RWGA site. Some of you may wish to reach for a 12 bore loaded with rock salt to scare them away. On the other hand, burn your RSPB membership. EUROPEAN FISHING TACKLE TRADE SHOCKED BY CORMORANT IMPACT ON FISH STOCKS The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association, EFTTA, today...
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    Digital scales

    Whilst surfing ebay at the weekend becos my useless spies in Wales said fishing was a waste of time, I came across this, which arrived today...tested accurate on 1 to 10 litres of water...and fit in your pocket. Highly recommended. W&S
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    Fishing holiday

    The Wye and Usk Foundation have 3 weeks available at Glanwye, just below Builth. The beat is a mile and a half of double bank, with some superb holding pools as well as some classic gutters. Its all great fly water, and can fish very well late season. The lodge is a comfortable 3 bedder, right...
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    River Wye

    Whilst not exactly all things sewin, the Wye is catching good numbers of fish at the bottom end. These fish can get to Ross and Hereford on the current levels. The "only" reason catches on beats other than Wyesham and Bigsweir look poor is lack of anglers. Most of these beats have some good fly...