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    River Dyfi 2018

    Well I’m the customers £800+ lighter in the wallet, but it comes with a little card that says I can fish the Dyfi for 2018 again....on any day from 1st April till the end of October ( excluding Sundays) so I don’t mind one bit I’m looking forward to this season more than last; a good friend of...
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    River Dovey 2017

    Well I thought I'd start one. I've been pretty busy with home life and work, and due to a trip to Australia in August, I've got only about 2/3rds of a season on the Dovey this year. Tight lines for everyone who fishes, I've not been out yet, there are some big fish in the river, but not in the...
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    Oooh! We have likes!

    Seems like we have a like button now at the base of each post, excellent!
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    River Dovey 2016

    Forgot to post a pic of my late May fish, not weighed, but I estimate 11-12lbs.... People who know me, know the firstly I make everything look small, and secondly I underestimate the weights of fish fairly regularly....
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    River Dovey 2016

    Quick update: Friday 24th and Saturday 25th Fished Friday, only one take, but delighted to land an absolute clonker at 5lb 14oz. Fished Saturday, six takes, four hookups, two lost ( one a big fish maybe 7-8lb or so) and two landed, best 4lb 4oz, they were taking a little short, and the run is...
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    River Dovey 2016

    Those that know me, know I make any fish look small.....still a great start to the season!
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    River Dovey 2016

    In the net, not a great shot...
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    River Dovey 2016

    Thought I'd get in early, before John Ev's beats me to it..... A happy new year to all Dovey anglers ( and other river anglers, who yet to see the light😉)..... I'm hoping 2016 will as be as good as 2015, which I enjoyed due to the big one I had, but other than that I found myself indisposed...
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    Flooding and fishing

    Before I start with anything else I have send out my heartfelt sympathy to all those flooded out of their homes and businesses and especially at this time of the year.....whilst it's bad in Wales it's worse in the north of England. There have also been isolated floods, my best university friend...
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    I'm back again.....had a few work and IT issues.

    Hi everyone I've not contributed much just recently ( on here or the SFF) weighed down with work and my tablet went down permanently on a trip on cross country trains week before last. It had lasted three years and been dropped on numerous occasions by my four year old and two year old.....but...
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    River Dovey 2015

    7lb report later on, kids party to go to...
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    River Dovey 2015

    Happy New Year everyone. Thought I'd get a new thread started for the Dovey in 2015, it's still a way away, but I'll soon be looking at tying some seatrout flies, now my distance learning law course is over (10 hours per week back into my free time). I intend to start on the Dovey earlier this...
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    Happy Christmas all!

    Happy Christmas all, Its gone a bit quiet of late on here recently.... Hopefully next year it'll pick up again as we get closer to the start of the season. Anyway to one and all happy Christmas and a happy new year:D I'll start a 2015 Dovey thread once I drive over it and have something to...
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    Richardjmillar...clear your inbox

    Tried to send a reply to your pm, but your inbox is full. On the subject; I'd not bother at the moment its been very dry and I've not seen any decent lift. Check out the farson digital camera its on the upper reaches, wait till we get a 1600+ flood, Andy
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    Some Dovey flies

    Some Dovey flies, nothing special, some plastic, aluminum and steel ( needle tubes), out of my fly patch so ones that have all caught fish.....
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    at last, some seatrout tubes tied

    Not much of a thread, and I'm a little disappointed about the standard, I've had some difficulty spacing the head, first tube was too tight, the next one OK, then two which the head was too long..... Three needle tubes in black and blue, and one medicine type tube, I'll try to knock out a...
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    if you could have only one seatrout set up, what and why?

    Just thought about the number of rods and reels, lines and flies you go to the river bank with, commonly I have two rods set up, if I think I may stay in that same pool, I may set up three (there's plenty of time before dark, and if the fish `come on` and you get a tangle, its more efficient to...
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    Best reel?

    More of an opinion piece really, I'm not after advice, following on from the `best seatrout rod` thread, wondered what peoples opinions are on reels? Over the years I've gone from dragonfly 375s, to sierra XDA #7/9, to a combination of hardy gem #8/9 mark 1 and vision GT #7/9s, to now a total...
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    when will you start?

    GTB goes off to Argentina on Thursday ( tight lines by the way.....) and has got me round to thinking, the nights are drawing out ( it was still just light getting into wolverhampton on the train tonight for what seems the first time in months) and the daffs are coming up nicely.... By end of...
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    River Dovey 2014

    this one wasn't that fresh..... this one wasn't that fresh..... When I tried to put him back in, he came out again. Thought you may remember this one Crewefisher.....