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    Reels for sewin

    Marquis silents are good bits of kit ,use them on my#4 rods and have done for a long time . In the 70s hardy did a slightly cheper reel the Viscountmk11 I have those in the biggest size for all my 6/7 rods and there is a silent version in the bag !
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    Need the Thermal winter warmers

    Dug this out makes me feel better about the grey day today
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    A bit of float tubing

    As a break from my grayling days I went to Ravensthorpe with Cocktail Cabinet yesterday. Launched the shakey into the wind in the bay/car park directly oposite the lodge,saving my launch fee with mebership of the float tube assoc, thats that expense balanced out for the year. The big storms of...
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    New season on the Kennet carriers

    Well my season proper kicked of with a total blank. Had a good house full of folks including a couple of new to the beat guys so spent the morning ,walking the water with them,both got into some ladies , pinkies working again As we know it was watches back day ,some time around midday bst I...
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    Sea trout reels

    A bit old fashioned but a bargain for some seatrout fisher ,i love the system 2s
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    London fly fishers dinner

    You are cordially invited to dine at the new venue 23 Romilly street ,Soho ,London W1 event takes place good Friday 10th, for will get three courses ,starter main and cheese including a bottle of house wine for the minimal cost of £30.00 Book early as I have room for 25 and have...
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    A lot of reading but some solid facts

    just seen this on the new RWGA site ,could explain why us wye fans are still struggling ! Only had time to skim through ,need a couple of hours to get to the real nitty gritty,but please make the time to read it .
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    RWGA new site Just a heads up on the new River Wye Ghillies Association website ,this replaces the one that crashed some time early autumn !
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    Wheres Watermole !!

    Someone on another forum looking to get a Allcocks reel serviced ,hoped to find a link to watermole ,seems he is no longer here ! Any Ideas as some time this winter my Viscounts need a service !
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    London Speycasters meet

    Sagefly aka Mr T14 has asked me to inform you all that there will be one of his SpeySpectaculars at the Mortlake venue on sunday 7th september . Further details to follow ,save your drinks tokens and insert date in your diary or digital planner !
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    ACW grayling days

    As some of you guys know I do grayling sundays 0ctober thru January on some Kennet feeder/carrier water near Hungerford . This may well be my last year doing these days as present employment finishes 17/01/2009 and dont have faintest idea what will be my next "career move"! Dates are most...