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    The Even Greater I'll Show You Mine Swap

    I guessed that resistance is futile!
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    The Even Greater I'll Show You Mine Swap

    How can anyone refuse such an invitation? Count me in! 😀
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    Wow, that’s horrendous.
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    Woodmill 2020

    Woodmill is a productive pool historically. The issue is that it hasn’t been properly maintained by the company that has the lease to manage it and it has become beset with issues. The anglers have highlighted these issues with them for some time but with limited results. Ordinarily 3 people...
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    Happy New Year 2021

    Happy New Year everyone, here’s hoping that 2021 will mark the end of these dark times.
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    What did Santa bring?

    From eBay. 2 came up around the same time so I pointed the Mrs in the direction of the listings and she did the rest.
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    What did Santa bring?

    It has the agate ring guide Spence
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    What did Santa bring?

    Yes, but all for a good cause!
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    What did Santa bring?

    Yes, left hand wind too Which are quite rare. Never understood the default RHW - someone once explained it to me that it’s because “gentlemen should wind with the right hand“ so some eccentric and rather daft reasoning.
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    What did Santa bring?

    He was very kind to me - a used Hardy Perfect reel (see recent thread on reels for sewin and sound effects), a new pair of Ocean waders, and Chris Newton’s biography of Falkus. Happy days.
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    Merry Christmas To You All

    Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for a new year and a new season
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    Reels for sewin

    Now that’s clever!
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    Reels for sewin

    A sea trout reel for me has to have sound effects. I have some old Hardy Marquis reels that I use and I swear that the sound adds to the excitement. A big part of the thrill of the take is when the stillness, calmness and silence of the night is suddenly broken by the ferocious take and...
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    Garden wildlife

    A friend of mine studied zoology in Bristol some years ago and he told me that the subject of his dissertation was the robin. I mentioned to him how robins can seem quite sociable and they often come and perch near you when you’re in the garden or in woodland. He told me that this is true but...
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    American Express

    I once read one opinion that a big advantage to fishing a dropper is that you have two flies fishing at different speeds - the one on the point will fish faster than the dropper fly as the flies swing. Thoughts?
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    A Massive Welcome To ibm59

    Hi Brian, welcome!
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    For a friend.

    Lovely ties. I'm sure your friend really appreciated them over the years.
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    First flies

    I’d definitely recommend starting with YouTube. Davie McPhail’s videos are superb and really break down how to tie patterns. Also Steffan Jones has some really good tying videos of some of his sea trout patterns. The best advice I had when I started tying is to tie the same pattern over and over...
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    River wear 14lbs + sea-trout

    Sensational fish, great stuff! ×
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    River Teifi 2020

    Nice to have some action right up to the end, well done. I fear that it’s going to feel like an especially long wait for the 2021 season.... ×