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  1. JJO

    Sea Trout Statistics for 2010 finally published by EA! Encouraging news for some rivers in there. If only it were a bit more up to date. Cheers Jon
  2. JJO


    Spent a few days last week staying at Abergynolwyn last week and had some good fun with small brownies on the Dysynni and Nant Gwernol. Despite some nice deep holding pools I couldn't see any evidence of sea trout during the day, but gave it a go on Friday night any way before by being beaten by...
  3. JJO

    Dorset Avon

    Had a call from Christchurch to say there are lots of fish in the Royalty at the moment. A pod of approx 25 salmon was spotted by the town bridge with a 30lb+ fish amongst them. Here's hoping the ST run continues to build on the increased numbers of the past couple of years. Jon
  4. JJO

    River East Lyn

    Fished the Lyn in the first stretch above Lynmouth yesterday, concentrating on the Overflow and Vellacot's pools. The conditions were perfect for salmon yesterday (thank goodness for the Devon river webcams!) and the wormers were out in force. Saw plenty of fish in the pools, (some of them...
  5. JJO

    Dorset Avon, Christchurch

    Fished last night for the first time in a number of years on the Clay Pool which is now one of Ringwood AA's waters. Under the jurisdiction of Christchurch AA is was only fishable from the bank which meant it was impossible to get a fly into some of the most productive lies. We fished the...