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    Black , blue and silver.

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    A couple of variants.

    Very fishy ADVERTISING ×
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    Teal , blue and silver

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    Teal , blue and silver

    I tied this a while ago but I don’t think I posted it back then .
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    Black and green

    Thank you for your nice comments. I like to use this style of fly as I like the idea of the fly “pulsing” in the stream . I use hairwing , squirrel or fox , as well but usually for the point fly .
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    Black and green

    Just a bit of tinkering with materials.
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    First flies

    Please message me your address as I have spare materials that I can post to you.
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    Winter Tying thread

    Do we post winter tyings here or on the flys page ?
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    Blue black and silver

    I found some prepared hooks with bodies dressed for elver flys . So I just added some twinkle and a couple of hackles .
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    'Mr Fish' Variant

    All the right ingredients for a fish catcher . ×
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    End of season - How was yours?

    We’re having a late run down here in Devon . I’ve had a few fresh school peal about the pound and a half size . This has been the best of late . A week of the season to go but the weather will probably rule out any meaningful fishing.
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    Another simple pattern

    Just over a week left of the season down here . The river is up and well coloured so no chance to get this one wet for a day or two.
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    A simple pattern

    I am a fan of blue black and silver in sea trout flys . The Teal , Blue and Silver is a classic and I think the black and white in the guinea hackle has a similar effect of the teal . Maybe the guinea has a strobe effect when the hackle pulses in the water. Who knows.
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    A simple pattern

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    One to try

    Season ends at the end of October. I hope to give this one a swim .
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    Blue Squirrel

    Last one for a while .
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    Another dropper ?

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    There are some pearls of wisdom in this banter.
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    Guinea blue and silver

    Mainly sea trout but who knows .
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    Guinea blue and silver

    × Cox and Rawl scratching hook . Essentially a sea fishing hook for soft baits. Size 6 .