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    Celtic Sea Trout Project - Report

    For those who are prepared to wade through the 850+ pages the report is now published on the web, you can find it here: Celtic Sea Trout Project | Technical Report
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    Clwyd & Elwy 2015

    There are fish in the system so here we go. If admin start a Rivers Reports 2015 section can they please move this thread.
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    Welsh Dee 2011

    Just to kick this off there was a 6lb 7oz fresh run sea trout reported last week from the Alyn, a Dee tributary.
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    Hardy LRH Spinning Rod and others

    I hope nobody objects but I'd like to draw your attention to some rods that are being sold on behalf of the estate of a recently deceased member of our club. The proceeds will go to the family.
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    New Little Friend

    Here's my new little friend at 10 weeks. She's 13 weeks now and I decided to take her out to an area with a few deer today to see how she reacted. My plans were scuppered when I saw a dozen deer run across the road as they were running from a pheasant shoot that was in full swing. Every...
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    Bloke XL50 10' #7 and Greys Streamflex 9' #5

    An impending outbreak of tackle tartishness forces the sale of a couple of my rods. The first of these is a Bloke XL50 (new) 10' #7 complete with sock and Bloke tube. £120 including registered mail. I decided to keep the Streamflex in the headline title so this is no longer available. I don't...
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    A Memorable Evening

    I just have to share something that I saw last night about four miles from my home in North Wales. Whilst salmon fishing on the Elwy over the past few days it has been noticeable that the fallow deer rut is in full swing and the woods have been echoing to the sound of rutting bucks. I decided...
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    Trion Spinning Rod - 11 foot

    I have an unused 11' Shakespeare Trion spinning rod for sale at £40 delivered. PM if interested.
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    River Neath 2010

    Here's a thread for those interested in this nice little river.
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    River Wye 2010

    Just to get this going follow the link below to see a 7lb sea trout in spanking condition caught on 21st Feb at Ross on Wye on a pike angler's deadbait.
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    Rivers Clwyd & Elwy

    Here's one for my local rivers as well but there may not be much to report before the end of May as our fish tend to come quite late.
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    Welsh Dee

    We need a Welsh Dee 2010 thread so here we go. We generally see a couple of fish in March so here's hoping!
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    Shakespeare Oracle IV 15' Salmon Fly Rod

    I have just acquired a 15' Sage so my three piece 15' Shakespeare Oracle rated for 10/11 lines is on the market. This rod was rated as one of the best at any price by Trout & Salmon a year or so ago. It has not been heavily used and is in perfect condition. It comes with a bag but not a tube and...
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    Sea Trout Catches 2008

    I've managed to get some advance information on the 2008 catches from the EA and as there has been some discussion and speculation on what is happening to salmon and sea trout catches I thought some stats might be of interest, looking in particular at the rivers most discussed here. The figures...
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    The Stolen Years - Falkus (signed copy)

    I am clearing out a few books and have a signed copy of The Stolen Years by Hugh Falkus to sell. I'm not going to give this away but will consider any serious offers. The hand written inscription on the flyleaf reads: With Best Wishes Hugh Falkus Game Fair 1981 I bought the book myself at...
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    Welsh Dee 2009

    I thought I'd start this thread for 2009 with the news that a grayling angler got a sea liced 8lber near Llangollen a week or so ago and a couple of springers were seen by a club working party in the Overton area last Sunday. I've booked for March 3rd!!
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    About 40 years ago a mate and I had some good shooting around Monmouth because his Dad was the local barber and when the farmers came in for a trim, problems with pigeons and rabbits were discussed and John and I would often be invited to go and sort them out. Those were the days when the...
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    PAAS Buy Welsh Dee Beats

    Today the PAAS paid £85,000 for the Shocklach beat on the Lower Welsh Dee and thereby valued the beat at more than £6,000 per salmon on the 5 year averages. The impression was that the auctioneer bid against them as far as the reserve and then dropped out. They also bought another smaller...
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    Welsh Dee

    Reports are that a few large sea trout have gone through the trap at Chester this week. They will probably do their usual disappearing act, many think that they turn into the Ceiriog.