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  1. plotter

    greys gtec 310 vitara rod pod

    greys gtec 310 brand new in box £50 also i still got the suzuki grand vitara reduced to £800.00 solar rod pod if anyone knows any carp anglers £60
  2. plotter

    Suzuki grand vitara

    3 door, mot'd til September, very reliable, used daily 2001 plate with the 1.6 petrol engine, usual wear and tear for a 12 year old car. only selling as wife bought me a new car for birthday £1000.00 ono.
  3. plotter

    is it just me

    that cant wait for 1st april, only 8 days left and feeling like a child waiting for christmas. it happens every year, time to get the rods back out, check reels and lines, see what ive left in my bag from last season.( last year i found 3 mars bars, a packet of haribo starmix, and a 6 month old...
  4. plotter

    and the last one Fish seized in site swoop

    WATER bailiffs have swooped on a catering establishment in Cardigan and seized migratory fish. They arrested a 37- year-old man who lives in the town in connection with the sale of illegally caught sewin or sea trout. The raid followed an anonymous tip-off and the arrest was made after...
  5. plotter

    Dead otter discovered in poacher's illegal net

    ENVIRONMENT watchdogs were appalled to find a dead otter and salmon in an illegal net on the River Teifi. Officers from the Environment Agency discovered the net near Newcastle Emlyn on Tuesday, August 18. As they went to remove the net, they discovered the dead salmon and the otter, which had...
  6. plotter

    what the??? A caution

    SOLICITORS acting for three men accused of poaching in the River Teifi in Cardigan are to make representations to the Environment Agency with a view to all three of them being dealt with by way of a caution. Charged with the offence are Nathan Burke, 21, of Hillfield Place, Parcllyn, Aberporth...
  7. plotter

    free salmon dvd very good

    can be found at atlantic salmon reserve .com very very good imo, and its free, id love to go there and im sure a few on here would like to when you see the dvd.
  8. plotter

    a question

    im confused, how do anyone determine if a river is at risk? My problem is this year we have had good runs of salmon and sea trout, last year was alot lower and the year before that was even worse. now this year weve seen plenty of fish about, but next year it might be rubbish again. We see...
  9. plotter

    sewin season

    i tried to put a countdown clock in here, but it didnt work.... 6 days to go anyway
  10. plotter

    re run of the a2 canvas

    this will run twice so as one finishes a new one will start. if we say finish on friday 18th, you will posibly get it for xmas, and the next starts on the 19th and ends whenever, all cheques payable to hoppy or whatever he decides. hope this is ok with you hop?
  11. plotter

    canvas of your fav pic free

    you post your pics on here, whether it be of fish, your kids/ grandkids, whatever. Then you can vote on the pic or if a tie pics to be made in canvases. To vote and to make it fair. if someone would like to be an ajudicator, send them your vote, and that person can let me know who the winner (s)...
  12. plotter

    evinrude v4

    ive deleted some pms from my box now, sorry guys i have for sale my evinrude 90hp v4 with power tilt and trim if anyone is in need of a beast for their boat, can be seen and heard running. £900 ono
  13. plotter

    salmo the leaper

    recently purchased from our friend in newfoundland, i have the original vhs if you would like to watch it you can pm me ;) hope this is ok hop?
  14. plotter

    greys Gtec

    greys gtec fly reel size 5-6 brand new in box £100.00 + postage.
  15. plotter

    lobs in the sea

    it looks like im going to have some lobs left over when this salmon fishing season finishes, my question is, will these stay on the hook better than lug worms, or will the salt water just destoy them im minutes, i thought maybe someone would have tried it at sometime?
  16. plotter


    Hope some of you guys fishing around Dryslwn last night saw the fireworks, they probably put the fish down, but they were amazing.
  17. plotter


    what time of the year would you see kelts in a river? On my understanding it would be on the end of the season after spawning, not at the beginning:confused: I may be wrong and probably am, but i was always under the assumption that fish spawn around august - november and any spent fish would...
  18. plotter

    very good programme on bbc i

    turus a bhradain All about scottish salmon fishing:D
  19. plotter


    hello :D:D:D
  20. plotter

    what the ????

    Fishermen on Scotland's west coast say they face being wiped out by the drastic cuts to their quotas being put forward by the European Union. EU Ban Could Sink Fishing Trade Unions say dozens of coastal communities are under threat from the proposed changes which are expected to be confirmed in...