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    Catch statistics

    I see that the EA has recently posted the salmon and seatrout catch statistics for 2018 on its website: see They make depressing reading: I've been tracking this for years, and 2018 seems to have been the...
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    How was the season for you?

    The forum has gone very quiet, which I guess is becauset the season is pretty well over. How was it for everyone? As usual these days, I din't get to do much sea trout fishing: one nice fish on my only trip to the Wenning, and a quiet week on the Dysynni. Has it been a good year for anyone? Paul
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    Dysynni 2019

    Another holiday week in Wales with my son and family, and some night fishing for sea trout on the Dysynni. Las year, the problem was water too high for good night fishing; this year the reverse, as the river remained low all week. By all accounts, it has been a poor season there so far, and we...
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    First of the season!

    Had my first outing of the season this week, when my son came over and we drove to the Wenning. The river was at a nice level, but looked slightly coloured, so we made a start before nightfall. By midnight we hadn't had an offer between us, and although a few fish had showed, I was ready to call...
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    River Dysynni 2018

    Just got back from my usual week in Wales, with my wife, son and his partner and small children: a family holiday, but Tom and I get to fish in the late evening and into the night. As last year, we concentrated our efforts of the Dysynni. Some rain on the day we arrived gave us hope for the...
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    Wenning 2018

    Well, I started my season on Monday with a trip to the Wenning with my son, hoping the rain would have brought some fish in. The river had risen, although it was still quite low. The evening was quite cool, and after nightfall the moon made it quite bright, so not ideal conditions. A few fish...
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    River Dysynni 2017

    Just returned from my annual week in Wales: a family holiday really, but a chance to get some seatrout fishing with my son. It's been the Rheidol for the past 3 years (my wife is particularly fond of Aberystwyth) but this year we were a bit further north so decided to try the Dysynni. This was...
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    River Rheidol 2016

    I seem to be the only forum member who ever fishes the Rheidol, but anyway... Another holiday with my son and grandchildren, staying near Aberystwyth for a week, and our usual plan: family outings in the day, then Tom and I head out at dusk to pursue the seatrout. This year we were unlucky with...
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    Why are some rivers doing better than others?

    Living in Yorkshire as I now do, I don't get to fish for seatrout as much as I would like, so I amuse myself by mulling over EA catch statistics for various rivers. (I know sewinbasher has done this too, much more fully than I). The question I ponder is, why are some rivers seemingly in decline...
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    River Rheidol 2015

    Just returned from a week on the Rheidol: as last year, a family holiday with my son and I trying to catch seatrout each night. If you know the Rheidol, you'll know that the big problem is the hydroelectric scheme: when they are generating electricity, the river runs high and cold, and local...
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    River Rheidol 2014

    Just returned from a week's holiday near Aberystwyth, with my son and I trying to catch seatrout every night in the Rheidol. I don't see much posted on this river, but I have an affection for it, as it was here that, a few years ago, on a single night's fishing, I caught a decent seatrout which...
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    Move or try again?

    As a rather unsuccessful night-time seatrout angler, a regular frustration for me is fishing through a pool where fish are showing, but getting no response from them. When this happens, is it better to continue on to another pool, or go back and try again with something different? If the latter...
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    I'm Paul: a lifelong angler, mainly for trout. I actually caught my first seatrout in 1961, but haven't had the opportunity to fish for them very much until recently. A couple of years ago, however, I had a night on the Rheidol, and catching a 2lb sewin rekindled my enthusiasm! I'm now retired...