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  1. highplains

    E petition in Wales about salmon fishing: URGENT

    Dear All, My worst fears realised. Somebody has started this petition. If it gets few signatures the Welsh Government will take it as a licence to tread all over us. Please sign and forward to as many others as possible. Ta...
  2. highplains

    Save our Salmon: Help to challenge the closure of Welsh hatcheries ordered by NRW

    I thought you may like to know that Trout and Salmon have a bidding process going on at the moment and one is the Campaign, this is it: “The Board of Natural Resources Wales has recently announced the closure of all hatcheries with the exception of a proposed ‘centre of excellence’ in Brecon...
  3. highplains

    Vote for disbled kids angling facilities

    I have received an email with the link below. All you need to do is follow the link, register and then vote for the "Angling for brighter futures", just put that in the search and it will take you to it. It's for disabled children: please have a go. This is not an insurance advert, the...
  4. highplains

    Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Club

    Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Club has around 15 miles of the River Clwyd as well as several miles of fishing on other rivers in North Wales on other clubs with which DCAC has reciprocal arrangements. This means the club provides the opportunity for fishing 365 days a year. It is not widely...
  5. highplains

    The Welsh Assembly would like your views on the NRW

    The following page is copied directly from the Assembly web site and asks for your views on the NRW. This is an opportunity not to be missed, please point out this consultation to your club or syndicate and ask them to respond. Consultation Natural Resources Wales - Annual Scrutiny 2015 View...
  6. highplains

    Hospice Auction of sundry good quality gear

    Hi to you all, I have been approached by St David's Hospice, Llandudno, they have revived a large parcel of fly tying materials as well as a number of boxes of flies, fly boxes and other related gear, and they need to sell it for the best possible price. It seems to me that to hold an open...
  7. highplains


    I received the following email regarding a mink survey. These little *.* are a real nuisance, so if you can help please send Lorna any details you may have. Thanks HP Hello, I’m working for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, in collaboration with NRW, to try and collect...
  8. highplains

    Clwyd 2013

    Here is wishing all those who fish the Clwyd and Elwy tight lines for the new season. Please keep us up to date with all the latest news and please use the Campaign web site to report all poaching incidents or any intelligence you have that may help plan catching the poachers. Its free and 100%...
  9. highplains

    Now I really am an "old codger"

    I have just reached retirement age so will be free to do lots more work on the Campaign and other fishing related matters. I promised myself when this time came I would treat myself to a Neil Dalrymple fish and so I have. However I was not quite expecting this: I just told Neil what I wanted...
  10. highplains

    Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Club end of season talk

  11. highplains

    National angling survey

    Follow the link below to take you to the survey I am very concerned that they seek the views of sea anglers on the matter of enforcement but not those of freshwater fishermen. Is this because they know the answer or because their funders would...
  12. highplains

    Sea trout fishing in Cornwall?

    Any advice out there for spots to try for sea trout in Cornwall? A friend is heading there at the end of June. Thanks in advance
  13. highplains

    Application for a licence to kill/take Cormorants/ Herons/ Goosanders/ Mergansers

    The Assembly Government is of the view that fish eating birds are not an issue in Wales. Why? Because only 6 applications were made to protect fisheries by killing these birds last year. If you wish to know how to apply to kill these birds and how to complete the application form, the form and...
  14. highplains

    Clwyd 2012

    For those of you that enjoy searching out the wild brownies on the river, and there are some nice ones: hard to find but they are about. Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Club are stocking the river with brown trout that have been marked with a blue spot: these we are happy for visiting anglers to...
  15. highplains

    Report Your Sightings of Cormorants and Goosanders!

    I guess it must be worth the effort of completing this survey. This neck of the woods is alive with them all. The Angling Trust, has launched a new web site for anglers to record sightings of cormorants, goosanders and mergansers throughout the UK: The new site is easy...
  16. highplains

    Results of Local Fisheries Advisory Group consultation on bye law changes

    If you wish to read the latest recommendation from the EAW with regard to the proposed changes to bye laws, please go to the HOME page of the Campaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries Please post your comments here, on the Campaign forum or email the campaign or PM me so we...
  17. highplains

    River Clwyd and Elwy

    Sorry chaps, it's just no good. Looking at this site and not seeing the Clwyd just isn't right. Brill year last year, let's hope for a repeat this year. Hoppy: return match mate but this time I am not being gillie--------so watch it!!!! ;);):o:)::mad:
  18. highplains

    Forrestry Commission and angling leases

    To Secretaries of WSTAA member Clubs - Urgent and very Important Re: Forestry Commission Wales (FCW). I apologize for bothering you so close to the Festive period but I think the issue to hand which involves the FCW needs to be addressed...
  19. highplains

    Inquiry into Access to Inland Water in Wales

    The full reports are now available The report is attached below It has taken a long time but see if you think it was worth the wait?
  20. highplains

    Angling research into the Social and Community Benefits of Angling,

    Copy of an email recently recieved. If you think you can help, please do. Email starts: From: To: Sent: 19/03/2010 16:22:42 GMT Standard Time Subj: Young People's Angling Survey Hi all, As part of Angling research into the Social and...