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  1. sewinfly

    Usk 2020

    All the best for 2020. Sewinfly...................
  2. sewinfly

    Fishing for Sea Trout on a Tidal Beat

    What river are you fishing? Teal,Blue Silver fly is a very well known pattern which represents a small bait fish. I tend to use small black silver doubles on kamasan B270 hooks in 12,14 sizes.Similar to a Peter Ross type fly. Have a bit of flash in them and maybe a fluro hot orange or green...
  3. sewinfly

    Happy new year,

    May your rod bend with doubles, is that fish or bourbon hic (y) Sewinfly..............🥃
  4. sewinfly

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    Be good to get the forum up and running with more posts but it could up like salmon & sewin just dwindling away.:( On a happier note all the best to everyone for 2020 (y) Sewinfly.........................
  5. sewinfly

    Mason's Stinger

    About a 14 or 12 depends on the make of hook. Sewinfly. ........
  6. sewinfly

    Ogmore 2019

    Hi Damain Had a couple of no real size. Some nice mullet over 4 pounds.Which were really good. Had 3 trips to the river Itchen at Woodmill Swaythling. had about 12 Sewin with biggest to 5.5 Ib all fresh . As I have a rod on the Usk I spend a lot of time on the salmon not a good year, biggest...
  7. sewinfly

    Sea Trout Tube Flies (Night)

    Pity no replies the forum use to be active. With regards to dressing I suppose it's all down to personal preference. Some of mine are beyond the hook abit and others maybe mor or else level. Some guys might tie a fuller body to the the fly and not extend beyond the hook. If tail nipping is a...
  8. sewinfly

    Secret Weapons for Night Sea Trout

    Best to make sure your link is stiff otherwise they can kink easily, either strong mono or I use Beadalon wire. Have a look at Mason's Stinger in the fly section on this forum. Quite a few of the guys use stingers to good effect. Depends where your fishing as if in Wales there will be some new...
  9. sewinfly

    River Teifi 2019

    R.I.P. Sewinfly. ...............
  10. sewinfly

    Switch rod

    The switch lines are great. And the sinktip to. I have several. Sewinfly. .............
  11. sewinfly

    Switch rod

    What line are you going to use with it Dalesman? Sewinfly. ...........
  12. sewinfly

    Switch rod

    The Grahams of Inverness Grilse Special 8/9 wt at just over 11 ft with a Mike Barrio Switch line is a nice set up. They also do a Seatrout version at a 7/8 wt the same length. Sewinfly. .....
  13. sewinfly

    Usk 2019

  14. sewinfly

    Harrison Triptych 12ft 3 piece rod

    Harrison Triptych 12ft 3 piece blank.Great for going in car.Dee from Purple Whiskers uses one for prawn fishing. Rod built by Bob the rod from Robertsons tackle shop. It has a full cork handle , fuji reel seat and lined guides through out.Also keeper ring. Bought this rod from another angler...
  15. sewinfly

    Usk 2019

    At last !!!! On the river early this morning and the tide was pushing the river up a few inches. Clarity was excellent and the water was cool. Set up was a 10ft 8wt with a clear sinktip and a home tied shrimp fly. Fishing a really deep pool and 2nd cast a nice silver 5 pounder. Bit later was...
  16. sewinfly

    Ogmore 2019

    Was on the river last night after sewin and fished the flood and ebb of the tide and not a fish was touched or seen. Conditions seemed to be perfect. With the tide came a shoal of mullet so decided to make the most of it. Managed 2 fish in the 3-4 lb range at about 10 pm .Great fight. The...
  17. sewinfly

    Woodmill 2019

    Was on the road Friday with another trip to Woodmill and meeting up with Nic a fellow FTAC member. Heading towards Southampton and the temperature showing a cool 32c was going to be a warm night to say the least. Usually meet in the White Swan for a carvery but with Nic not getting it was going...
  18. sewinfly

    Woodmill 2019

    First sewin of the season for me was this silver fish at 5.5 Ib's.Had another about a pound and a small school bass.Bro in law had one just under 3 pounds then lost a bigger fish later. Hard night and cold in the early hours. Sewinfly. ..........
  19. sewinfly

    New Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest

    I have a brand New Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest. Never been used,ideal for the roving,angler.Has D clip on the back for the net. Many pockets including the mesh pocket on the back and fly storage pocket on the left side. Looking for £36 inc postage Sewinfly. .............
  20. sewinfly

    Sewin,Grilse Reel & spool, new line

    Have an Enigma Matrix 6/8 reel with spare spool .Spins like a dream,new bearings fitted.Also has a line attached.A good quality one but can't remember the name. Great switch reel for sewin,grilse. £40 inc postage Also have a new Airflo sixth sense line 8wt floater with clear intermediate...