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    Testwood Fishery

    I had just one last night but a nice one. 4 other fish up to 5lbs we’re caught between my two friends on what was a relatively tough night for this fishery. It was a high tide and a moon bright enough that you could tie on a fly without your torch - not great! my one fish...
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    Talley Lake

    A long shot but I'm hoping a few of the chaps in West Wales might know the answer. I am trying to find out how to get permission to fish on the lake at Talley next to the abbey. I fished it 35 years ago when I was in school and have always wanted to return. But I'm finding it impossible to...
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    Fly Drying

    Last week I decided that I should sort out my fly boxes at long last. I ended up throwing away a lot of flies that I had put back into the box wet during night fishing sessions causing dyes to run and flies to essentially get quite disheveled. I know that it's not a good idea to put wet flies...
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    Luminous flies

    I was just watching a guy tying a sea trout fly on YouTube and he used luminous glo floss to create a butt. I'm interested to hear people's views on incorporating luminous materials. Is it worth it / does it make a difference to the catch results? Alwyn
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    Enigma EMG / Line

    I managed to grab a 10ft 8wt Enigma EMG (original version) on eBay and am now thinking about a line to match up with it. Would love a sewincaster medium sink tip but it seems that you can't get them anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions for an alternative line of similar qualities that I can...
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    Sea Trout Runs 2016

    It seems that 2016 is generally off to a slow start in terms of sea trout fishing. I've been reading that the Towy has been really slow and even the coraclemen have been struggling. I read one report from a serious sewin angler that that the Ogmore is colouring up at night even though the river...
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    Woodmill Pool, Swaythling 2016

    I thought that I would kick this one off for 2016. I fished the pool last Friday with a couple of friends. The rainfall we had has pushed the river up a bit and the river was flowing quite hard. The water was pretty clear though. We caught 4 fish between us (a 3lber and 3 schoolies) and lost a...
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    Tandem Snake Fly

    I've learned to tie snake flies using hollow braid and I'm quite pleased with the results. I'd like to tie some tandem snake fly patterns like the one below. Would anyone have a step-by-step as to how this is achieved? What I'm trying to get my head around is how you get the mylar tubing onto...
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    Reuben's Special

    James Waltham praises this fly in his excellent Sea Trout fishing book. He provides the dressing and shows a B&W photo, but it's not especially clear. He says that it has an underbody of yellow wool and says that some foil from a wine bottle is wrapped along the shank. What I can't tell from the...
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    A couple of salmon caught while sea trout fishing

    I fished Woodmill Pool for sea trout last Thursday night and got a lovely grilse of 5-6lbs and then fished Testwood on Monday night and got a salmon of about 9lbs. Lovely fish and fantastic fights from both. Took the grilse on a long shanked tungsten bead nymph on my dropper and the salmon on a...
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    So how would you rate the 2014 sea trout season?

    I thought that this subject might breathe some life into the forum as well as getting some interesting information on how everyone has done. I believe I had maybe 7 sea trout outings this year. All except one was at Woodmill Pool and I finished the season by treating myself to a night at the...
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    Converting lures from treble to single hooks

    I want to convert my Flying Cs from treble hooks to single hooks. I've read that this is best done by cutting off the treble hook and fitting a single hook using a split ring. Can anyone please recommend a suitable single hook that I can use for salmon (brand and size)? Alwyn
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    Strong long-shanked nymph hook

    Hi All When fishing a sea trout pool the other night I hooked what I think was a double-figure fish. I hooked it on a size 8 long-shanked nymph pattern with a tungsten bead, tied on a dropper - a popular fly in this spot. I had the fish on for maybe 7-8 minutes and it made a last gasp run and...
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    Surface Lure Tactic?

    I was thinking about the well established tactic in loch / reservoir trout fishing of fishing with a team of flies with a bob fly on the top dropper used to cause a wake, with the trout often taking one of other 2 flies - has anyone tried a similar tactic on a river for sea trout, but with a...
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    Cumbrian Esk

    I spent a bit of the Christmas break re-reading parts of Falkus' classic and wondered whether the Cumbrian Esk is still a decent sea trout river. I seem to remember someone telling me that it isn't. Anyone have any insights to share?
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    Hampshire Avon - Royalty Fishery

    I see that day tickets can be bought for this fishery from Davis Tackle. Does anyone know how the fishery is fishing for sea trout? Is it worth a visit? I remember seeing an old John Wilson episiode where he caught a lot of sea trout on trotted maggots, but are there good fly prospects and can...
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    Tactics for sploshing fish

    I'm sure that this issue has been discussed before so apologies in advance if I'm asking people to repeat themselves. I fished a pool on Sunday night and managed to get a couple of nice fish in the first hour and a half. The pool is impacted by the incoming tide and when it began to flow there...
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    Woodmill Pool 2011

    Anyone fished it yet this season? I'm there tonight so would be interested to hear any reports.